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Nanaimo home buyer profile

Nanaimo home buyer profile

VIREB (Vancouver Island Real Estate Board) recently completed and released the Nanaimo home buyer profile.  This Nanaimo home buyer profile is a Report containing results of a survey completed by Buyers of residential property, in Nanaimo, in 2010.

Nanaimo home buyer profileAs a Nanaimo Realtor I found the results of this Buyer Profile to be quite enlightening.  The statistic that I found to be the most interesting was the Buyer origin. 

For Buyers of residential property, the primary Nanaimo home buyer's origin was as follows:

•1  50% coming from the same area ( in other words already living in the Nanaimo area)

•2  When added together, all origins from within BC totalled 83%

•3  and from Vancouver Island totalled 66%.

The Buyer origin profile has changed dramatically from a few years back when there was a large influx of buyers from Alberta.  In fact, according to the 2010 Nanaimo home buyer profile only 6.7% of buyers came from Alberta.

Another interesting statistic was the length of time a buyer had been living in Nanaimo before purchasing their home.  40% had been living in the community for less than one year.  The next highest was 21% who had lived in the community for twenty plus years.

The above statistic would suggest that 40% of last year's Nanaimo home buyers were new to the area and probably buying their first house in Nanaimo. 

The Nanaimo home buyer profile is a fairly detailed report.  I shall blog again regarding some of the other stats that came to light.  In the meantime if you have any real estate questions please give me a call.



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