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Nanaimo Homes For Sale – Is It Worth It To Stage?

Nanaimo Homes For Sale – Is It Worth It To Stage?

Many sellers of Nanaimo homes ask a very good question:  Does it pay to stage your home?

There are pros and cons of staging a home, so let’s take a look at both sides of the coin.

Here’s an argument for staging your home in Nanaimo for sale

Nanaimo homesWhen home staging is done properly, it can potentially put your home ahead of the competition.  There’s a fine line between doing home staging properly and overdoing it.

You want prospective buyers to imagine that they’re already living in your home, so that psychologically they’ve already bought your home before they’ve actually signed a contract.  But, you don’t want them to think that your home looks like a ‘model’ home, with everything looking just a little too perfect.

A reason not to stage your Nanaimo home for sale

Some homes for sale look better when they’re empty than when they’re filled with furniture.  Sometimes it’s the floor plan, sometimes the lighting looks better without furniture, or maybe there’s huge picture window that will draw people to look at the gorgeous view you’ve got – if it just weren’t for that oversized sofa that’s in the way.

Deciding whether or not to stage your home is a very subjective decision, to be sure.

Another way to decide whether or not to do this is to survey your competition.  Pretend you’re a potential buyer for your home, then take a good look at what the alternative choices are.  Visit open houses, see what’s available over the internet, and maybe even ask your real estate agent to take you around to view competing properties when they’ve got a little extra time.

The cost to stage your home for sale in Nanaimo is also something to think about.  If there are a lot of similar homes for sale when yours goes on the market, maybe it does make sense to spend a little extra and stage your home.


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