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Nanaimo Real Estate – Does the aroma of freshly baked cookies help to sell a home?

Nanaimo Real Estate – Does the aroma of freshly baked cookies help to sell a home?


The sense of smell is one of our five senses and is somehow connected to our memory bank and in turn to our emotions.  So, with that in mind, maybe the aroma of freshly baked cookies does help to sell a home.  Because scent stirs our memories, it stands to reason that for most people, the scent of freshly baked cookies will trigger warm feelings.  Good smells can help make a buyer feel at home in your home.


Nanaimo real estateThe following tips can help make your home more appealing to prospective home buyers:


1.        Boil a little cinnamon in a pot for an hour or so before a showing.  The scent of cinnamon conjures up warm, cozy memories and in turn feelings.


2.       Empty your garbage regularly.


3.       Use a carpet deodorizer and place a box of baking soda in the fridge


4.       Use a lemon scented cleanser when you clean.  The scent of lemon makes everything smell fresh.


5.       Light scented candles before a showing.  Use candles that are lightly scented and have the scent of baked goods or cinnamon.


6.       Set out a vase or two of fresh flowers.  They smell good and look good.


7.       Make a pot of freshly brewed coffee.  Coffee has a warm and friendly smell if it is freshly brewed.  A pot that is left sitting too long can offer up a sour smell.


8.       Last but not least – do bake those cookies!  You can make it easy for yourself by buying a frozen bin of cookie dough and just pop a dozen cookies in the oven an hour or less before a showing.


I know, from personal experience, that using scent in a home really does work.  Not long ago, I was showing a house that had the most delicious scent.  While we were viewing the house I looked around to see where the scent was coming from.  The seller had plugged in a liquid scent that smelt like apple pie.  We all agreed how warm and welcoming that house felt.


For additional tips on ways to prepare your Nanaimo home to show well please give me a call.


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