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Pets and Strata in Nanaimo

 Pets and Strata in NanaimoI've been working with a family who are looking to buy a condo in Nanaimo.  They have a dog who is part of their family. 

Yesterday, we broke our tour up and went for a cold drink.  As we were sitting around the table we were musing on how frustrating it is as a pet owner to find a condo that allows pets.  My client pulled out her cell phone and did a search to see how many pet owners there are in the country. 

We discovered that according to Statistics Canada, there are approximately 3.5 million dogs and 4.5 million cats in the country. About half of all households have at least one pet, and pet owners are spending an average of US$296 per year on their pets.  Wow! 

This conversation made me wonder just how many strata's in Nanaimo do allow pets .  I decided to do some research.  As of June 14th, 2011 there are 446 condos listed for sale in Nanaimo.  224 of those condos allow pets, 222 of them do not.  In other words half of the available condos for sale will not allow you to bring your pet when you move in.  That is significant, and if you ask me, it is also short sighted.

I understand that the strata council would be concerned with pet noise etc.  However, when it comes to resale of units it means that the strata bylaw of ' No Pet's'  means limiting the prospective condo buyer base .  Only 50% of people actively searching for condo's will even consider purchasing a condo that does not allow pet's.

Even if you are not a pet owner it is important to know the pet rules in your strata.  A 'No pet's' rule will seriously limit the number of prospective buyers available to you when you go to sell your unit. 

For a list of pet friendly condos in Nanaimo please contact me.

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