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Steps to downsizing your Nanaimo home

Steps to downsizing your Nanaimo home

If you are grappling with the question of whether or not to downsize your home; you are not alone.  As a Seniors Designated Realtor in The Nanaimo area, I often work with seniors and empty nesters.  I am currently working with a number of couples and singles who are working through that question right now. 

Downsizing your Nanaimo homeThese families are wondering if they should downsize, and if so, when is the best time to make the move.

Perhaps the thought of moving sounds good, but the thought of selling your home and moving to a smaller space overwhelms you. 

The following three steps offer a systematic approach to help you determine if downsizing is right for you.

Take a few moments to ask yourself the following two questions:

1.   Do you want to move or is it that you feel you need to move?

2.    Is your home an important or necessary component of your lifestyle?

A big decision like downsizing requires a great deal of reflection, which leads us to step two.

Make a list.

There have been many instances in my life when writing a Pros & Cons list has helped me make a big decision.  Write down all the ‘Pros’ of moving versus all the ‘Cons’.  You can continue to add to this list as things come to mind.  After a week or so, spend some time reflecting on this list - it may be that your answer becomes clear.

Do some research.

1.   Talk to others in a similar situation that you know have made a move.  Most likely they will have some advice for you and can share what they have learned throughout the process of their downsizing move.

2.  Research where you might want to live.  I like to take my downsizing clients on what I term “Research Missions”.  We view five or six possible housing options that are currently on the market - this exercise is often all it takes to help them finalize their decision.

3.  Download my FREE Downsizing Questionnaire.  The questions will help guide you through a personal assessment of your current accommodations and your future needs.

As with all of life’s stages, it helps to have support. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to your next move.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist I can help you or a family member, with:

·      Reviewing your current living situation

·       Determining the next step in your living situation

·     Assist you in deciding what needs to be done to prepare your house for sale.

·     Help you navigate your way through the paperwork of a real estate transaction

·     Do most of the leg work involved in finding your next home

·       Assist in the moving process

Please call me for a FREE in-home consultation.  I would be happy to help you make a stress-free move. 

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