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What are baby boomers looking for in a home?

What are baby boomers looking for in a home?

Are Baby Boomers Attracted By Housing In Nanaimo?

Will homes in Nanaimo be attractive to the baby boom generation?

Nanaimo is certainly attractive to baby boomers.  That’s one of the reasons that we moved here, and maybe why you have – or are considering – moving to Nanaimo as well.

There are beautiful beaches and places to launch your boat are just minutes away.  Shopping isn’t half bad, either.

housing in NanaimoBut does housing in Nanaimo offer what baby boomers are looking for today?

To help answer that questions, let’s consider some of the items that baby boomers will be looking for in housing over the next several years:

1.  Affordable pricing. 

Baby boomers today are carrying a much higher debt level than their parents did, thanks to credit cards and student loans, meaning they’ll likely have less cash and be much more sensitive to the price they have to pay for a home.

2.  A reason to buy. 

There could very well be more supply than demand if more and more retirees decide to sell at the same time.  That’s good for the boomers, but bad for you if you’ve got a lot of competition when your Nanaimo home goes on the market as you could find yourself competing against your neighbor for the same baby boom buyer.

3. Downsizing. 

It used to be that the pre-baby boom generation made their final house their last hurrah, so to speak.  Large homes and spacious yards were must haves.  Today’s baby boom buyer will likely be looking for a small home than the one they’re in now, with amenities near by so that they don’t have to drive.

If you think you’ve got a home that might end up being too spacious for a baby boomer, don’t fret.  Instead, consider all of the reasons why you moved to Nanaimo in the first place. 

Chances are that they’re going to be the same reason a baby boomer is looking to buy here, so down play the negatives and focus on all of the positive aspects of housing in Nanaimo.



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