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Why buying a Nanaimo Condo Makes Sense

Why buying a Nanaimo Condo Makes Sense

Nanaimo condos can make a great option to single family houses.

Single family houses often times cost more to maintain than many home buyers realize, so Nanaimo condos offer an excellent alternative real estate purchase.

Let’s consider some of the areas where condos in Nanaimo may be a better choice for some home buyers.

Nanaimo condos for saleNanaimo Condos For Sale vs. Houses

Here are some of the advantages of owning a condo compared to owning a house:

Outside Maintenance

With a condo, there’s virtually no outside maintenance to worry about.  Snow removal ( when we get it) is handled by the Strata.


Ditto with landscaping.  That’s the job of the Strata.  With a single family house you’ve either got to invest in the yard maintenance equipment to take care of the landscaping yourself – plus spend the time doing it – or hire a landscaper to do the work for you.


Water, electric and gas are going to cost you less in a condo than in a house.


Many Nanaimo condos for sale are in communities that offer some very nice amenities such as a swimming pool, heated spa, work out facility, tennis courts and club house.

Certainly there are houses in Nanaimo that offer many of these, but consider the cost and time of maintaining all of these things.  With a condo, the Strata does it for you.


Because there is little or no lot size, and because the common area expenses are shared between all of the owners, property taxes will be less with a condo than with a single family home.


Last but not least, condos are much better for home buyers with an active lifestyle or a heavy travel schedule.

With a condo, you pretty much just turn off the lights and lock the door, and you’re on your way.  It’s not quite so easy with a large, high-maintenance house, which may be the top reason why Nanaimo condos for sale are quite popular. 

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