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Nanaimo, BC has many houses for sale to choose from.  Find Nanaimo houses for sale including sq. footage, neighbourhoods, features, photos, and prices in the listings below. 

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Steps To Finding a New Home

House hunting in Nanaimo is like any other purchase. You can zoom in on the property you want at the best deal if you know for sure what you are looking for and do some homework beforehand. These pointers can assist you in making an informed house purchase.

1.Start your homework early.

Begin reading real estate listings-related Web sites, publications, and newspapers as soon as possible. You could make a list of homes you're looking for and keep track of how long they've been on the market. Keep records of any modifications in the asking price. It will provide you with an idea of local housing trends.

Make a list of the features you desire in a home and determine which are essential and which are optional. Based on things such as travel time, academic institutions, recreation, amenities and pricing, choose two to four neighborhoods where you'd like to reside.

2.Determine the value of a home that you can afford.

Importantly, you must assess if you are ready to purchase a home. Since you will be responsible for additional costs such as home maintenance, energy bills, city utility fees, property tax and insurance, owning a home could prove to be more costly than paying rent.

If you anticipate putting down a 20% deposit and have other loans, you should look for a home that costs not over three to five times your yearly household income.  Your mortgage broker can assist you with this.

3.Begin the process of getting a mortgage.

To buy a house, most individuals will need a mortgage. It makes more sense to get pre-approved for financing before beginning your search for a home. Your pre-approval could assist you in determining how much house you can afford.

4.Pick the best mortgage types and payment options.

Choose from a variety of mortgage kinds and payment options. A mortgage broker will have access to many lenders and may be able to shop the best rate and term mortgage for your needs.

5.Choose a realtor.

Some home purchasers conclude that working with a real estate professional is unnecessary. But this is often a miscalculation. A qualified real estate agent can take away a lot of the stress and unpredictability of house hunting. They'll be there to help you every step of the journey, from defining objectives and receiving a loan to determining the right area for your needs.

A realtor has more information about home listings, recent sales figures, and statistical data than anyone else.

6.Choose the ideal house and neighborhood for you.

In real estate, the location you decide to buy a home in is just as important as the type of property you want to buy. Select a good location!

Do you prefer to live in the country, the city, or the suburbs? What is the maximum amount of time you are willing to spend commuting? Which areas are served by your favourite educational institutions? These choices will have an impact on your daily operations.

Another thing to think about is how much the neighborhood is likely to appreciate with time.  

Choosing the proper neighborhood can increase the earning potential of your property when selling. Look for well-kept areas with factors such as high residential property rates, good healthcare, and convenient access to good hospitals and schools.

Other important factors to consider: 

  • Attend as many open houses as possible to find a home that matches your ideal home vision.
  • Invest in a house inspection once you have an accepted offer.
  • Purchase sufficient home insurance.
  • Choose your loan wisely (seek the help of a mortgage professional).

A great home buying process, like any large project, is often about getting it right from start to finish. These house buyer pieces of advice will assist you in navigating the process, saving money, and closing the sale.  For more information on buying a Nanaimo home please call or email me.

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