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Baby boomers are downsizing their homes

There is no doubt in my mind that the baby boomer generation is starting to make a move toward downsizing their homes.  Every second person I meet at open houses or at the Royal Lepage kiosk say that they are thinking about downsizing.

Of course,…

Nanaimo BC is a wonderful place to call home whether you’re just starting out in life or finding a quiet spot to retire. Our winters are mild and our summers are warm. There are hundreds of events and activities year-round for seniors and those looking for a quieter pace of life but still want…

Thinking about downsizing your Nanaimo home?

Is your house too big? Are you having trouble with stairs? Is there too much upkeep? Or, Are you just ready for a change?

As a Nanaimo seniors Real Estate Specialist I am aware of the unique needs and issues that mature property buyers and…

 Attract Qualified Buyers By Listing Your Nanaimo Home Over The Holidays

Have you ever noticed how Nanaimo listings drop off over the holiday season?  One of the main reasons that you may see fewer homes for sale is that sellers believe that there aren’t any buyers looking to buy in November and…

Downsizing your home?  Things to consider

As an empty nester you may be at a point in your life where you are considering selling the family home and moving into something more manageable.  As one of the benefits to downsizing you may find yourself with a surplus of cash after you have purchased…

Steps to downsizing your Nanaimo home

If you are grappling with the question of whether or not to downsize your home; you are not alone.  As a Seniors Designated Realtor in The Nanaimo area, I often work with seniors and empty nesters.  I am currently working with a number of couples and singles…

How To Price Your Home to sell

One of the secrets to selling Nanaimo real estate is to make sure that you price your home correctly right from the start.

New sellers often think that it’s better to start high and see what happens.  This is almost always a big mistake.  If you price your…

Why You Should Sell Your House In The Summer

Summer is a very good time to sell Nanaimo homes.  The weather is great, school is out, and everything looks nice.

If people are going to move or relocate to Nanaimo, the odds are that if they can, they’re…

Nanaimo Homes For Sale – Is It Worth It To Stage?

Many sellers of Nanaimo homes ask a very good question:  Does it pay to stage your home?

There are pros and cons of staging a home, so let’s take a look at both sides of the coin.

Here’s an argument for staging your home in Nanaimo…

What are baby boomers looking for in a home?

Are Baby Boomers Attracted By Housing In Nanaimo?

Will homes in Nanaimo be attractive to the baby boom generation?

Nanaimo is certainly attractive to baby boomers.  That’s one of the reasons that we moved here, and maybe why you have –…

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