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Don't forget to stage your front door, entrance and foyer

Home staging front door & foyer

Making a statement when potential buyers first enter your home is critical. If you are planning to sell your real estate property, this is a very important aspect you need to consider. Buyers decide if they are interested within seconds of entering your home. Make that first impression count.

Your entry sets the tone for your entire home! It all begins with staging your entry with intention and effort. Make this space warm & welcoming to everyone who enters.

You have only one chance to make a good first impression. Before your guests move into the living room and other parts of your home, they will walk through the front door entrance and foyer. Make it as inviting as possible and try to decorate it in a way that buyers will feel welcome and comfortable.

It is important that buyers feel a connection to your home. How can you to create that? Let’s have a look at some tips to stage your front door and foyer:

• Clean, clean, clean

The first and the most important step to stage is to clean. You should declutter and clean your foyer .

• Spruce Up the Door Itself:

This is the obvious first step. See if you can make the door itself look better. A very easy way to do this is to add simple wooden moulding on a plain door. Another simple fix is to paint it.

• Welcome Mat

Placing a “Welcome” mat at the front door is an inviting way to say to come on in, we are happy you are here!

• Hall Table

Beautifully accessorized hall tables are not only functional but add interest too. A pretty vase with a fresh flower arrangement is a nice way to welcome visitors.

• Mirror

Everyone likes to see how they look. Also, if you want your foyer to look welcoming and more formal - hanging a decorative mirror will do the trick. Hang it above the hall table.

• Chair/Bench

Having somewhere to sit in the entry is always a good thing. Having a place to sit while taking off or putting on their footwear is welcoming. If you do not have space for both a table and a bench, consider a hall table without a lower shelf so you can slide a small bench under it.

• Coat Rack

If you do not have a front closet, adding a coat rack is a good idea. A coat rack with a bench is a perfect setting.

• Flooring

Think about the entry’s flooring. Always store footwear in the closet keeping the foyer clear of clutter. Consider adding a carpet or rug to add warmth to the space.

• Lighting

Add glamour to the entryway by installing beautiful, attractive lighting. This will illuminate the entryway. You can use chandeliers or pendant lights. You can even create a more interesting look by combining different types of lights.

• Place multi purpose furniture if you do not have enough space

To make the most of the space, pick furniture that works and has a dual purpose. It can be a bench with a storage area or other furniture with organizational solutions. This way, you can place some items inside the storage to keep your entryway clear.

Don’t forget that buyers look in your closets and the front entry closet is no exception. Keep this space organized. Reduce the number of coats, pack them away as it will make the closet look more spacious.  People love well-planned storage spaces. Add baskets to place items in such as mittens, hats, scarves etc. it is more visually pleasing to look at.

Try these small but effective tips to make a great first impression. 

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