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Essential Things to Repair Before Selling a Home

 Repair Before Selling a Home

It's easy to overlook significant wear and tear on your property over time. When you begin to consider selling it, you begin to see the need for making some facelifts. Repairs, on the other hand, are limited in terms of both costs and time. Here are some of the most important items to fix before putting your home for sale.

Cracks in the floor

Before you put your house on the market, be sure that any cracked or damaged flooring is replaced or repaired. This could include scuffed and dented wood flooring or an outdated, filthy carpet.

If you have a carpet that is in a sorry state, you could consider switching to a different form of flooring or, at the very least, replacing it with a new one. If you have hardwood floors, you should consider refinishing them.

Wiring issues

Defective wiring is a major source of worry, as it causes over 51,000 electrical fires yearly in the US. Electric problems can be resolved in various ways, ranging from basic, low-cost solutions to significant rewiring. While rewiring a 1,200 square foot home can cost over $10,000, this is usually never required. Even properties built in the 1970s with aluminum wire are grandfathered into current code, so there may be no need to replace it.

Among the electrical faults you'll generally encounter are:

  • broken or open junction boxes
  • frayed wiring
  • malfunctioning light switches
  • missing wire nuts.

To resolve such concerns, contact a licensed electrician. They'll probably bill you between $65 and $85 per hour, plus materials.

If your circuit breakers don't satisfy your home's amperage requirements, that's another costly electrical issue. Larger homes may require a 200-amp circuit breaker. Replacing a circuit breaker might cost you between $500-$2000.

Bathtubs and showers

The showerhead should function properly, and the drains should not be clogged. It's a good idea to replace or resurface the acrylic on your bathtubs if it's peeling. The exhaust vent, which is responsible for eliminating the steam from the shower, should be fully working. Any loose or cracked shower tiles should be replaced.

Fix water stains

You might be at peace with the consequences of a long-resolved plumbing fiasco, but a water stain warns potential buyers that there might be a slew of other issues lurking underneath the surface. If you have any fears regarding water intrusion, you must handle the problem and repair any damage before listing your home for sale. "No one wants to invest in a money dump."


Ensure you direct drainage in the yard away from the building's foundation. If rainwater pools near the foundation, you may need to contact a contractor to re-grade the yard or break up concrete to address the problem. Similarly, if the downspouts eliminate water at the foundation but there is no runoff, therein lies another problem.

Repaint the walls

Repaint your home with neutral colors. While you may adore that blue accent wall, if it's the least favorite color of your best prospective buyer, it could be a huge turnoff. You're very secure with a neutral hue since it's unusual that someone dislikes it.

The light color also helps potential buyers to visualize what the house would look like with their favorite color. It is your responsibility to assist your purchasers in visualizing themselves in your home. They'll probably consider other real estate possibilities if your paint is a huge turnoff.

The kitchen

If buyers perceive that the kitchen needs a lot of work, having a large kitchen may not influence them. Make certain that all the fundamentals are in working order. However, don't spend money on the makeover unless your agent guarantees you that you will be able to repay your investment.

Let's begin with the cabinets. Ensure there are no holes or cracks. There should be no water damage or signs of rot.

Replace any handles that are missing. Repair any surface that may already be peeling and repaint it. Also, look for any obstructions in the sink. Make certain that all the faucets are operational. Consider changing the countertop if you have the funds. Check that the stove, refrigerator, microwave, etc., are working perfectly.

Final thoughts

Do a thorough homework about the real estate market and other homes for sale in your neighborhood before deciding to sell yours as-is. Then think about which home improvements will provide you the most ROI for your money.

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