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Three Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

homes for sale in nanaimo

This time of the year there are quite a few homes for sale in Nanaimo

Having a variety of homes to choose from is a good thing if you’re a buyer.  But it’s not so good if you’re trying to sell your home. 

More homes on the market means more competition, which means that home buyers in Nanaimo have more to choose from.  Which also means you’ve got to try that much harder to sell your home.

Fortunately, there are some easy and inexpensive things you can do to make a potential buyer move your home to the top of their list.  Once you do these, then it’s simply a matter of keeping your home as picture perfect as possible until it sells.

Here are three tips for getting your home in Nanaimo ready to sell:

Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting impressions.  That’s why paying attention to the outside of your home is so important.

In the real estate business that’s what’s known as ‘curb appeal’

Every real estate agent has had the experience of pulling up to the front of a home for sale with her buyers in the car, only to have them tell her to keep driving on to the next showing.

Some easy steps you can take to keep this from happening to you include:

  • Keeping the front lawn freshly cut & trimming the bushes and shrubs
  • Making sure kids toys aren’t lying around
  • Ensuring there’s no evidence of a recent visit by the neighbor’s dog

Now that you’ve got your potential buyers out of the car and at your front door, the next step is to ‘wow’ them when they step inside your home.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

You’ve probably heard this expression before. 

  • The next step in setting your home apart from the other homes for sale in Nanaimo is to make sure that your potential buyer can imagine herself living in your house instead of you.
  • Think of this step as improving the curb appeal of the inside of your house.  Just like you did with the outside of your house, remove as much clutter as possible from the inside as well.
  • De-cluttering your home includes making sure toys, books, pillows and glasses are in their place.  Putting extra furniture, personal items and knick-knacks in storage is another good step to making your home looks less cluttered.
  • Many home sellers also take the extra step of hiring a professional to stage the inside of their home.  Your real estate agent is also another good source for an objective opinion of what should stay and what should go.

Affordable Fixups

There are also a lot of inexpensive, do-it-yourself projects that can help to make your home ready to sell. 

Three easy and affordable fixups that will help make your home easier to sell are:

  1. Fresh paint including baseboards, door, and window trim – in today’s complimentary designer colors
  2. Accent lighting – table and floor lamps that brighten dark corners can help to make a room look bigger and brighter
  3. Fixtures – updating the faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen, replacing the doorknobs in all of the rooms, and installing new electrical outlets & light switches is another quick and easy way to freshen up the appearance of your home
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