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Should I find a home before I list mine?

I'm frequently asked whether it's best to find a home before listing, or list and then find a home once it sells.  I am working with several clients right now who are asking the same question.  It’s a tough one!  Here are the two possible scenarios:


Should I find a home before I list mine?1.  There is the chance that if you sell your house first, you might not be able to find anything. 


2. The other side of the coin is you find something and loose it because your house doesn’t sell in time.


What I usually suggest is:


1. Do your research.  Go and view some homes that appeal to you.  This is a good idea because it reassures you that there are many lovely homes available and that one or several of the current listing inventory may work for you.

 2. Make all of the necessary arrangements to get your home on the market.  As a Realtor I supply my clients with a CMA ( Comparative market analysis) which will help you determine the market value of your home.  I also do a free room-by-room walkthrough, whereby I make recommendations on ways to stage or declutter your home so it shows its best.  This is also the time to make any repairs necessary to get your house sold.


Once you have completed these tasks you are in a position to get your home listed quickly when you are ready, or when  the right house comes onto the market.


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