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Five Easy Ways to Stage Your Home Yourself

Stage your home to sell

Home staging is a great way to set your home apart from the other Nanaimo homes for sale.

The good news is that there are quite a few things you can do yourself to make your home look like it was professionally staged so it will sell quickly.

Here’s a list of our top five favorite DIY home staging tips.


1. Green Is Good

Healthy plants add life to your home.  They also let a potential buyer know that your home is cared for and filled with love.

Placing live plants throughout the house, even in the bathrooms, is a great way to stage your home.  Be sure to use decorative baskets to cover plastic pots if you’re not using clay. 


2. White Is Good Too

Especially in the kitchen.  Dated kitchen cabinets can easily be updated with an off-white coat of cabinet paint.  It’s a quick way to freshen up the kitchen and make the room look bigger and brighter, without the expense of costly cabinet upgrading.


3. Bigger Is Better

Rearrange your furniture to make each room look bigger, not smaller.  You’re selling your home, not the stuff inside of it.  The beautiful antique table or retro art work should enhance a room, not be the focal point of it.


4. Big Wall Mounted TVs Are Not Better

Wall mounted televisions should go off the wall and into an entertainment center or on a TV table.  Oversized, wall mounted TVs are sort of like having a big, black hole on your wall and can distract a buyer from the beauty of the room. 

If the television is too difficult to remove from the wall, consider covering it up with artwork or a tapestry that matches the color scheme of your room.  The exception to this is the home theatre room or game room. 

If your home has one of these then, by all means, emphasize the big screen TV.  In fact, Nanaimo homes for sale that have a home theatre room or a rec room often attract more buyers and sell for a higher price than ones without.


5. Beautify Your Bedrooms

Don’t go overboard and make your bedroom look like a hotel room.  But do make the bedroom look nice and bright.

Bedrooms can be easily staged using high-quality bed linens, along with a combination of oversized bed pillows, regular pillows, and a few extra cushions.  Tying the colors on the bed into artwork on the walls is an easy way to make the room pleasing and soothing to the eye of your buyer.


Understanding Home Staging Concepts

There are two major concepts that should be used in your home staging activity.  These are the concepts of diversion and cohesion.

Diversion means diverting the buyer’s eye away from something in the house that’s distracting to an object that is beautiful, interesting, or pleasing.  For example, a dated fireplace can easily be enhanced with artwork above the mantel.

Cohesion means having the same theme running throughout your entire house.  Professional home stagers strive for a feeling of balance and consistency. 

An easy way to achieve this is to start at your entryway and make sure that the same feeling runs through the house.  Sometimes you’ll need to add more color with pillows or area rugs, or other times you’ll need to take away from a room that is simply overdone.

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